Preventive Maintenance

Anything mechanical needs basic preventive maintenance. Think of maintenance on your air conditioning system like an oil change for your car. Regular maintenance helps your system last longer and run better, which lowers energy costs.

ethanBecause your air conditioning system circulates the same air throughout your home approximately every 8 to 16 minutes, it is important to maintain it to provide the cleanest possible air for you and your family.
At Sea Breeze, we recommend servicing your system twice a year and changing your filters monthly – or more often if you’re concerned about pet hair, high traffic, or allergy issues.

If you’ve been promised cheap service, or if your service technician takes less than a half-hour, you’re not getting a thorough maintenance on your system.

Our routine maintenance includes:

  • Checking ductwork for leaks
  • Adding algaecide tablets to the drain pan
  • Checking the heater to make sure its in proper working order
  • Checking electrical connections for frayed or loose wires
  • Checking capacitors, voltage and amperage for proper electrical output
  • Testing refrigerant pressures for correct freon levels

Are you a seasonal resident? Installing a humidistat can help you save on utility bills by allowing your system to operate based on the air’s humidity. You don’t necessarily need to keep your home cool while you’re away. But keeping it free from mold-causing humidity is essential. Installing a humidistat allows your system to run in a manner that will keep it safe and dry, but more cost-efficient while you’re away.

Don’t forget your pool heater. Sea Breeze Air Systems will maintain it as well. Even if you don’t use it often, you’ll want it in top operating condition when you flip the switch.


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