Sales and Installation

Sea Breeze Air Systems installs HVAC systems in homes and light commercial buildings. We are authorized distributors of most major brands. Our preferred brands are Day & Night, Lennox and American Standard.

dan-mainRightAre you upgrading, expanding, or has your system just reached the end of its productive life? We provide professional installation, which along with routine maintenance, is guaranteed to give you a worry-free system that will last for years.

Upgrading your system by installing a system with a high efficiency rating can lower your electricity bill . The higher the Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio, known as SEER, the more efficient it is to operate your system, saving you money on a monthly basis.

american_standardWe’ll also install upgraded components, such as thermostats or filters that can help improve your system as well. Programmable thermostats help save on your energy bill by matching your air system’s cooling to the hours you’re home.





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