“Thank you for servicing the AC and Heating Systems in my daughter’s home this week. Seems like there was an issue with the heating that needed some new parts. Thanks for tracking that down and fixing it right the first time. Living in Aurora Illinois I am not there to assist in many things and appreciate your assistance for her I had to leave for the airport yesterday and was not able to be there for your services.”

Bob Scanlan

“Thank you so much for the service. You are the best.”


“Please accept my gratitude for the great timing and fixing of the 2nd floor air condition system at Lakeshore Condominium. Much appreciated.”

Leland Brown

“We know that if Terry can keep an air conditioner running without having to condemn the unit, he will. We know because he has done that for us.”

Larry and Gail Rayside

“I was very impressed with their dependability and thorough work.”

Dr. Brad Weiss
Weiss Family Chiropractic

“Living in South Florida, air conditioning is very important. I am so glad that I found a reliable company like Sea Breeze Air Systems who I can depend on, not just for service but for honesty and dependability.”

Neva M. Carnevale

“We could have been taken by another firm if you had not been so honest. You saved us $3,400….He taught us the proper way to care for our air conditioner to get maximum life out of it.”

Jo-Ann DiLorenzo

I’m sending this email to let you all know how wonderful Sea Breeze Air Systems is. I know that most of you already know how great they are but I felt I needed to send this email to remind those of us who have used them and those who haven’t why you should use them as well as tell the world how awesome they are!!

Friday night Saturday morning it was about dark thirty, anyway every night about that time I have a hot flash so I thought the hot flash was worse than usual. By the time 6:00am rolled around it was very warm in the house. My Son had his tackle football jamboree Saturday which we were at the field by 8:00am till 3:30pm. On the way home we all said a prayer that it would be cool, we were wrong! SO we opened a few windows pack a bag and off to Mom’s house we went. Sunday morning went to church and went home to do a few things and get more clothes to go back to Mom’s. Before we left the house I called Sea Breeze to get on the list for Monday. First I was shocked someone answered the phone I had expected to leave a voice message and then I told Terry (Nancy’s hubby) what the problem was and he said “It’s hot in the house are you sure you want to wait till Monday how about today?” He took down my address and was at my house in 30 minutes and the house was on its way to being cool 20 minutes after he arrived! The customer service they provide is so great and they care about their clients!! I have had to use there services once before for my Mom’s rental and they were equally as great!! I would only use them for my cooling and heating needs and if you haven’t used them you should and you should be telling the world about them to everyone you meet regardless if their AC is working or not because sooner or later everyone’s AC goes out! They are awesome!!!

Thanks Nancy and Terry with Sea Breeze Air Systems, Inc. you’re the best!!!

Heidi Joyce


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