Repair Service

At Sea Breeze Air Systems, Inc., we pride ourselves on our repair skills. We send technicians – not salesmen – to evaluate your system. Your HVAC system is one of the most complicated pieces of equipment in your home and also one of the most vital.

terry-truckYour family depends on a properly-working HVAC system not only for comfort but for good health. When the system isn’t cooling properly, if there’s too much moisture in your home, or if it isn’t working at all, trust Sea Breeze Air Systems to be there on time and make repairs quickly and efficiently.

There are many reasons why an air conditioning system may fail to work properly. We’ll do our best to repair the part that isn’t working and share cost-saving tips to help you prolong the life of your system.
Even minor issues like a defective thermostat can cause the system to run too little or too much. We can supply you with upgraded thermostats such as programmable, digital, lighted, touch screen, easy to read displays, and even remote push button to meet your needs.

We’ll also do a thorough inspection to make sure your air ducts aren’t leaking cool air into your attic. Ducts can be knocked loose whenever there’s frequent or heavy access to the attic, such as after a roof, electrical, or cable installation.

If you see water dripping from your air handler, never hesitate to call. It could mean your system is in jeopardy of freezing because the drain and evaporator coil are covered in dirt and bacteria. Sea Breeze Air Systems will remove the coil and chemically wash and rinse it. We also clean the blower wheel and housing and vacuum out the primary drain pan and drain line, and then check for leaks.

If the repair doesn’t justify the cost, Sea Breeze Air Systems will help you evaluate the savings in energy bills from an upgraded, more energy-efficient system.


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